October 23, 2020

Leadership Training Readings

HCC Leadership Training Course

HCC is excited to begin a leadership development process at our church! Over the next few months, we will hold weekly meetings. Anyone is welcome to attend the meetings and we would like to ask that all of you pray for the class and those attending.

Part of the class will include some reading materials and this page of the Website will be used to link to those resources.

First Semester:

Week 1 (10/22) Readings: Week 1 Handout
1.Who is a Leader? – Chapter 2 of “Leading with a Limp” by Dan B. Allender
2. The Purpose of Limping Leadership – Chapter 11 of “Leading with a Limp” by Dan B. Allender
3. “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality” – Chapter 1 of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality By Peter Scazzero

Week 2 (10/29) Readings / Listening: Week 2 Handout
1. The Great Sin – Chapter 8 of Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis
2. A Grammar of the Disciplines – Chapter 5 from Dwell by Barry D. Jones
3. Listen to “People in My Town” music project by Alan Levi

As you listen, think through the following questions:
1. What is your overall impression of this idea – not so much the musical quality – but the concept, the relational connectivity, the time that went into it, etc.?
2. What kind of character traits would you suspect Allen Levi has that would move him to want to do this?
3. What is “Christ-like” about what you heard and why?
4. What does this project say about racial and socio-economic differences between those who may be your neighbors?
5. What does this project say about being an intentional person?
6. How would you respond to the following: “Honesty + Curiosity = Intimacy?” And how do you hear that in what you listened to?

Week 3 (11/5) Readings: Week3 Handout
1. Intro and Chapter 1 – Dwell- by Barry D. Jones
2. Redefining the Parish Model – by Melissa Kelley
3. Why Churches Should Plant in Their City– by Mike McDaniel
4. A Church That Plants Churches

Week 4 (11/12) Readings: Handout- Week 4
1. What’s the Difference Between Elders & Deacons- by Isaac Adams – Video
2. What Are Elders & Deacons- by Ricky Jones
3. Discerning and Exercising Spiritual Gifts by Tim Keller
4. Book of Church Order- Chapters 7-9

Week 5 (11/19) : Handout- Week 5

————————————————Holiday Break———————————————————–

Second Semester

Week 6 (1/14) Readings: Handout- Week 6
1. Confessing the Faith – Table of Contents, Introduction (in the book you picked up from Little Professor)
2. Foundational Christian Doctrines by Scott Sauls
3. What is the Reformed Faith
4. The Importance of Not Studying Theology, Carl Trueman, Professor at WTS

Week 7 (1/21) Readings: Handout – Week 7
1. Confessing the Faith Chapter 1: Of the Holy Scripture (in the book you were given)
2. You Can’t Take the Bible Literally_ by Tim Keller
3. The Story of the Bible — Video from BibleProject.com – “How to Read the Bible” series
4. The Story of the Bible Notes- The Bible Project

Week 8 (1/28) Readings: Week 8 Handout
1. In Your Book: WCF 2, WCF 3.1-2, WCF 4, WCF 5
2. God Is King- The Sovereignty of God
3. “What Became of Providence” from Seeing Through Cynicism by Dick Keyes (PDF)
4. Watch Video: What is the Cultural Mandate?

Week 9 (2/4) Readings: Week 9 Handout
1. In Your Book: WCF 3.3-3.8, 8-19 (Confession Only)
2. Article from Christianity Today: Young, Restless, Reformed
3. 5 Points of Calvinism article
4. Video to watch: Justification and Sanctification

Week 10 (2/11) Readings:
1. In Your Book: WCF Chapters 7, 27-29
2. Baptism and the Lord’s Supper by Thabiti Anyabwile and J. Ligon Duncan
3. A Pastor’s Case for Infant Baptism by Bryan Chapell

Week 11 (2/18) Readings:
1. PCA Book of Church Order. Preface, Preliminary Principles, Chapters 1-26.
2. Is Church Membership Biblical? By Matt Chandler (PDF)
3. For extra reading (25 pages!) on our denomination