February 7, 2019

Pastor’s Note

Every organization starts with a dream and Homewood Community Church is no exception. Our vision was birthed from ongoing conversations between a few who shared the desire to love God and bless others in a place they had come to love — Homewood.

With prayer and fervor, we asked one another if church planting, in a landscape so rich with vibrant churches, could possibly be the realization of our desire?

In an article called “Why Plant Churches,” Tim Keller states that, “Churched societies have to maintain vigorous, extensive church planting just to stay Christian. One church, no matter how big, will never be able to serve the needs of such a diverse city. Only a movement of hundreds of churches, small and large, can penetrate literally every neighborhood and people group in the city. A vigorous and continuous approach to church planting is the only way to guarantee an increase in the number of believers, and is one of the best ways to renew the whole body of Christ.”

Over time, conversations about planting led to gatherings…and gatherings led to parties for inviting friends…and friends and neighbors locked arms to form a core group who share the expectation that God’s mission for the world is to renew all things. We believe God’s main strategy for accomplishing such transformation is through the local church.

“It is not the church of God that has a mission, it is the God of mission who has a church,” famously stated Rowan Williams.

Our invitation is to “come and see” what such a mission might look like in Homewood. Our central message and heartbeat centers around the gospel of Jesus Christ — simply the good news that God has done something for us that we could not do for ourselves.  

In worship, we will celebrate all that is good and beautiful around us; and in ministry, we will work for the benefit of our neighbors and community. As Eugene Peterson said, “In the Christian imagination, where you live gets equal billing with what you believe.”

Tom Franklin, Pastor
Homewood Community Church